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The Semi-Coke Plant with Low Single Furnace Capacity in Yulin Magnesium Plant Will Be Eliminated

The Semi-Coke Plant with Low Single Furnace Capacity in Yulin Magnesium Plant Will Be Eliminated

On January 18, Yulin City Ecological Environment Bureau announced the "Report on the Implementation of the Second Round of Provincial Ecological Environmental Protection Inspectorate Feedback Rectification in Yulin City." The report made a comprehensive report on Yulin City's completion of the second round of provincial ecological environment protection routine inspection feedback rectification tasks, further improving the construction of ecological civilization and environmental protection level, and promoting the improvement of the city's ecological environment quality. Previously, according to the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the Yulin City Ecological Environment Protection Inspection Report" (Shaanxi Environmental Protection Supervision Office [2021] No. 37), Yulin City formulated the "Yulin City Implementation Plan for the Feedback Rectification of the Second Round of Provincial Ecological Environment Protection Inspectorate Report," which identified 43 problems. As of now, 31 have been rectified.

The report specifically reported on the progress and next steps of rectification work in eliminating backward production capacity and optimizing industrial structure. In accordance with the requirements of the central and provincial environmental protection inspectors, Yulin City has promoted the transformation and upgrading of lan charcoal, clarifying that lan charcoal production capacity should only be reduced, and all lan charcoal furnaces below 75,000 tons should be dismantled; waste water treatment should be fully covered, and VOCs governance should be fully covered; and the entire process of lan charcoal production should be fully enclosed, setting five bottom lines for rectification. As of the end of September 2021, 238 lan charcoal furnaces below 75,000 tons have been eliminated, involving a capacity of 11.975 million tons; as of the end of December 2022, 135 out of 432 single-furnace lan charcoal facilities with a production capacity less than 75,000 tons in 32 metal magnesia enterprises in the city have been dismantled, and 124 have been shut down. According to the rectification plan of the central ecological environmental protection inspectorate feedback in our province, 432 lan charcoal production facilities will be completely eliminated by the end of September 2023, involving a capacity of 10.39 million tons.

In addition, according to the "Completion of Specific Problem Rectification in the Second Round of Provincial Ecological Environmental Protection Inspectorate in Yulin City" also published at the same time, 41 out of 171 lan charcoal facilities below 50,000 tons/year in 12 metal magnesia enterprises in Fugu County have been dismantled and 47 have been shut down. They will be legally and regularly eliminated in batches and sections by the end of September 2023. The report revealed that relevant national departments are currently revising the "Guidance Catalogue for Industrial Restructuring (2022 Edition)," which will significantly adjust the policy on lan charcoal industry and have a significant impact on subsequent rectification work. Currently, due to the impact of the epidemic, the plan has not been officially issued yet.

Regarding the rectification and implementation of the comprehensive utilization of magnesium slag and gasification slag with no substantial progress raised by provincial environmental protection inspectors, it is also being rectified in accordance with the schedule. The "Implementation Plan for the Comprehensive Utilization of Bulk Solid Waste Resources in Yulin City" has been compiled, and several review meetings have been held. It has been modified according to the final review opinions and is waiting for further review. 11 bulk solid waste comprehensive utilization technologies, such as the Pi Jiang Fa Lian Magnesium Reduction Slag Preparation Silicon-Calcium Alloy Technology and Fly Ash/Gasification Slag Preparation Lightweight and High-Strength Sintered Function Ceramic Technology, are actively introduced, with an expected annual output value of 1.5 billion yuan. Thirteen demonstration projects for comprehensive utilization of bulk solid waste, such as the Shaanxi Coal Group Caojiatan Coal Mine Gangue Filling Project, Kangbo Environmental Protection Bulk Solid Waste Comprehensive Disposal Center, and Delong Environmental Protection Solid Waste Disposal Center (Phase II), are being accelerated for construction.

The report proposes that in the next step, Yulin City will deepen the study and implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, further implement Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought, strictly follow the modernization strategic deployment of building a beautiful China and promoting the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature in the new era, and the new requirements put forward for the construction of ecological civilization and environmental protection work in the new situation and tasks. It will insist on comprehensive management, system management, and source control, highlight precise, scientific, and legal pollution control, comprehensively address ecological environmental problems, vigorously promote the consolidation and enhancement of eco-environmental protection, comprehensively promote ecological restoration, resolutely implement the requirements of carbon peaking and neutrality, solidly promote green transformation, continuously deepen the system and mechanism reform of ecological civilization, and constantly explore the new realm that green mountains and rivers are golden mountains and silver mountains, promoting the construction of the ecological civilization in Yulin to a new level.

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