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Magnesium Alloy

Magnesium Alloy

The bright future of the magnesium market benefits from the transformation and level-up of China's automobile industry, like 3C and other industries. Among them, the lightweight meets the environmental protection needs, all the good things for the wide use of magnesium ingots, especially the development of new energy vehicles and its own full circulation and infinite recycling.

What is magnesium alloy used for?

Good lightweight, cutting, corrosion resistance, shock absorption, size stability, and impact resistance enable magnesium metal alloys to be used in a wide range of fields, such as transportation, electronics, medical, and military industries, and this trend will only increase but not decrease. Especially in 3C products (Computer, Consumer Electronic products, Communication), high-speed rail, automobile, bicycle, aerospace, building decoration, hand-held tools, medical rehabilitation equipment, and other fields. As a leading magnesium alloy manufacturer in China, YiRui magnesium alloy for sale is widely employed in different industries.

What is magnesium alloy used for?

Magnesium Alloy Metal Advantages

Low density, high strength and good rigidity.

The rigidity of magnesium alloy for sale increases with the increase of thickness, so the good rigidity of magnesium metal alloy is very beneficial to the design of the whole component.

Low heat capacity and fast solidification speed

MG alloy is a good die-casting material, which has good fluidity and rapid solidification rate can produce parts with fine surfaces and clear edges and corners, and can prevent excessive shrinkage to ensure dimensional tolerance.

Good toughness and strong shock absorption

Magnesium aluminum alloy has a high damping capacity and is an ideal material to avoid workers' fatigue caused by vibration and noise.


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