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Magnesium Turning
Magnesium Turning

Magnesium Turning

YiRui Metal provides quality metal turnings in various sizes and specifications. Our MG turnings for sale include pure magnesium powder and magnesium alloy. The chemical properties of magnesium metal turnings are active, and they are widely used in the metallurgical industry. In the steelmaking industry and nonferrous metal casting, magnesium turning is used as a desulfurizer, purifying agent, and reducing agent in rare metal production. In the chemical industry, magnesium metal turnings can be used as a dehydrating agent for organic compounds.


Magnesium Metal Turnings Specifications

BrandStandardAlZnMnFe (max)Be (ppm)Si (max)Cu (max)Ni (max)CaNa




Magnesium Metal Turnings Safe

Magnesium turnings are considered hazardous and require careful handling to prevent injury or damage to health. The product is labeled with the signal word "Danger" and hazard statements H250 and H260.

Hazard code F indicates that magnesium turnings are extremely flammable and pose a serious fire risk. Therefore, it is essential to take proper precautions when handling the product. Precautionary statements P222, P223, P231+P232, P370+P378, and P422 should be followed to ensure safety.

Flash point information is not available for magnesium turnings. Risk codes and safety statements are also not specified.

The RTECS number for magnesium turnings is OM2100000, and they are classified under UN 1869 4.1 / PG I for transportation purposes.

In summary, magnesium turnings are a dangerous product that require careful handling to prevent fires and protect human health. It is important to follow all labeled precautionary statements and transportation guidelines to ensure safety.

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