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magnesium scrap buyers
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Magnesium Waste & Scrap

Long-term supply of pure quality magnesium scrap metal: magnesium alloy AZ91D, AM60B magnesium alloy, and AM50A magnesium alloy ingot.

Recycling magnesium scrap metal is of great significance: it can greatly improve the benefit of enterprises, make full use of magnesium alloy raw materials to reduce raw material investment, improve the factory environment, realize the sustainable development of resources and environment, save resources, reduce environmental pollution and prolong the life cycle of magnesium alloy.


Magnesium Waste & Scarp Specifications

BrandStandardAlZnMnFe (max)Be (ppm)Si (max)Cu (max)Ni (max)CaNa




Magnesium scrap value & magnesium alloy scrap price

The value of magnesium scrap depends on its purity, form, quantity, and current market prices.  Magnesium scrap is commonly found in the form of turnings, shavings, chips, and extrusions generated during machining or production processes.    

Magnesium scrap can be recycled and processed into new magnesium products, such as alloys, castings, and ingots. The demand for magnesium alloys in automotive, aerospace, and other industries has risen, boosting the demand for recycled magnesium.  The scrap value of magnesium is generally quoted in cents per pound or kilogram, depending on the region and market conditions.

The price of magnesium alloy scrap may vary according to its grade, composition, quality, amount, and current market prices. Magnesium alloys are used in various applications, such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, and medical devices, due to their lightweight, high strength, and corrosion resistance. The recycling of magnesium alloys reduces the need for virgin materials and conserves energy and resources. The price of magnesium alloy scrap can be determined by contacting local scrap metal dealers or recyclers, who can assess the composition and quality of the scrap and provide a valuation based on the current market prices.

The price of scrap magnesium alloys is typically based on the London Metal Exchange (LME) prices, which fluctuate daily based on supply and demand.  It is recommended that you periodically check the LME prices to stay updated on the trends and fluctuations in the scrap metal market.

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Magnesium And Magnesium Alloy Waste Pretreatment

Before smelting magnesium and magnesium waste, magnesium alloy waste must be classified and treated. The treatment methods are as follows:

  • Clean and classified magnesium wastes can be directly smelted.

  • Clean and classified magnesium waste materials, but the waste materials mixed with wooden inclusions must be removed before melting in the furnace.

  • Grade 1 and Grade 2 wastes stained with paint and oil stain shall be melted after the paint and oil stain are removed.

  • After the dry and clean machining chips and chips are pressed into blocks by a press, they can be melted in a furnace.

  • Machining debris, chips, and slag stained with oil and water are difficult to deal with. The best way is to recover and utilize them after gasification in a special furnace at high temperatures and vacuum.

  • After the slag is dried, it can be put into a smelting furnace for smelting.

  • In addition to the above-mentioned magnesium waste materials and the waste materials which are randomly mixed with various grades of alloys and have been left for a long time, sundries should be selected, dried, and then put into the smelting furnace for melting. After sampling, according to the composition, decide which brand of magnesium alloy to smelt.

Magnesium And Magnesium Alloy Waste Pretreatment
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