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9 Characteristics of Magnesium Alloy

9 Characteristics of Magnesium Alloy

Adding certain useful alloying elements to pure magnesium can result in different magnesium metal alloys, which not only possess various characteristics of magnesium, but also significantly improve its physical, chemical, and mechanical properties, expanding its application areas.

Currently, dozens of magnesium metal alloys with different properties have been developed, forming a magnesium metal alloy system.

Most magnesium metal alloys have the following characteristics:

1. The density of magnesium metal alloys is slightly higher than pure magnesium (1.738 g/cm3), ranging from 1.74 to 1.85 g/cm3. It is 36% lower than aluminum alloys and 73% lower than zinc alloys, while its strength-to-weight ratio and stiffness-to-weight ratio are high. Magnesium alloys are currently the lightest structural materials in the world. Using magnesium metal alloys to manufacture components can reduce the weight of structures, lower energy consumption, reduce pollutant emissions, increase the carrying capacity and speed of transportation machinery, and are excellent lightweight materials for aerospace and transportation vehicles.

2. The specific elastic modulus and strength of magnesium metal alloys are roughly the same as those of high-strength aluminum alloys and alloy steels, which is advantageous for manufacturing rigid integral components using magnesium metal alloys. The welding performance and fatigue resistance of magnesium metal alloys are also good.

3. Magnesium alloys have a low elastic modulus, so the stress distribution is more uniform when subjected to external forces, avoiding high stress concentration.

4. Magnesium alloys have a high damping capacity, namely high vibration reduction and low inertia.

5. Magnesium alloys have certain plasticity at high and room temperatures. Therefore, various specifications of bars, tubes, profiles, forgings, die forgings, plates, as well as pressure casting parts, stamping parts, and powder materials can be obtained through the method of pressure processing.

6. Magnesium alloys have excellent machinability, and their cutting speed is much higher than that of other metals. Due to their high stability, the casting and processing dimensional accuracy of castings are high.

7. Magnesium alloys are stable in alkaline environments and have anti-salt spray corrosion performance.

8. Magnesium alloys have low reactivity with iron. During die casting, the die wear is reduced, and their service life is long. The die casting speed of magnesium is higher than that of aluminum.

9. Magnesium alloys have great adaptability in the casting industry and can be cast using almost all special casting processes.

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