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Magnesium Metal With Wide Application

Magnesium Metal With Wide Application

Magnesium Metal used in industrial production

In the field of industrial production, magnesium, as a kind of metal with light texture, high strength, and certain reducibility, is widely used as the protective layer of various steel metal pipelines and ship shells. Magnesium alloy, on the other hand, has the advantages of being lightweight, having good rigidity, impact resistance, and wear resistance, and its performance is far superior to other metal alloys. Especially in the research and development of aircraft, it can fundamentally improve the aerodynamic performance of aircraft, thus making it favored by manufacturers in the aerospace field.

Magnesium Metal used in the electronic information industry

In the electronic information industry, due to the development of digital technology, the market demands higher and higher production of electronic and communication products. Sometimes you can even see magnesium alloys in automotive industry. Magnesium alloy has excellent self-strength and thin-wall casting performance, and the wall thickness of its die castings can be reduced to 0.6 ~ 1.0 mm. Under this condition, it can still keep enough strength, rigidity, and anti-collision ability, which can meet the requirements of ultra-thin, ultra-light, and miniaturization of products. Therefore, magnesium alloy is also widely used in various digital products.

Magnesium Metal used in biology

In biology, magnesium atoms also play a vital role in the ecological balance of the earth. We know that chlorophyll exists in green plants, so plants can carry out photosynthesis in the sun. Magnesium exists in chlorophyll, which is located in the center of the porphyrin ring in the chlorophyll molecule and plays a role in stabilizing this molecule. It can be said that chlorophyll can't exist stably without magnesium, of course, plants can't carry out photosynthesis continuously, which has a vital impact on the carbon cycle on the earth.

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