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Magnesium Alloy Waste Recycling

Magnesium Alloy Waste Recycling

Recycling magnesium alloy waste is of great significance: 

it can greatly improve the benefit of enterprises, make full use of magnesium metal alloy raw materials to reduce raw material investment, improve the factory environment, realize the sustainable development of resources and environment, save resources, reduce environmental pollution and prolong the life cycle of magnesium alloy.

Generation of magnesium alloy scrap

First, the excess magnesium alloy produced in the die-casting process, such as sprue, runner, flash, waste parts, riser, agglomeration, flash, chips, slag, etc. In the process of die casting, 50-70% of raw materials are wasted on the material handle and runner, and the rest is the part molding. Therefore, if magnesium alloy waste is recycled in the factory, the waste will be closed and circulated in the production system, with high-cost efficiency, which can ensure the relatively stable price of raw materials in the die casting factory, but the investment cost of the corresponding supporting equipment needs to be increased. The advantage of in-plant recycling is very obvious, and the factory can weigh whether to choose this method according to its own ability. Of course, you can also find magnesium alloy for sale.

 The second is the waste produced in the process of machining and painting. It is mainly the scrap and scrap produced by secondary machining of castings, and the scrap produced by improper surface treatment such as painting. We not only have az91d alloy for sale, but also we are willing to share with you that scrap, splash, overflow, sludge, and other wastes contain more oxides, and the coated waste parts contain oil and water pollution, which needs to be pretreated. 

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