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Characteristics And Advantages Of Magnesium Alloy

Characteristics And Advantages Of Magnesium Alloy

Magnesium is a very important nonferrous metal, which is lighter than aluminum and can form a high-strength alloy with other metals. Magnesium alloy has the advantages of light specific gravity, high specific strength and stiffness, good thermal conductivity, good damping and electromagnetic shielding performance, easy processing and molding, and easy recycling.

Magnesium is the third largest metal engineering material after steel and aluminum, and is widely used in aerospace, automobile, electronics, mobile communication, metallurgy and other fields. It can be expected that magnesium will become more important in the future due to the increase in the production cost of other structural metals. Sex becomes bigger. Sex becomes bigger.

The specific gravity of magnesium alloy is 68% of aluminum alloy, 27% of zinc alloy and 23% of steel. It is commonly used in automobile parts, 3C product shells and building materials. Most ultra-thin notebook computers and mobile phones are made of magnesium alloy. And if you may have interest, we can offer a reasonable magnesium scrap price.

Since the last century, human beings still have had an indelible love for the texture and luster of metals. Although plastic products can form a metal-like appearance, their luster, hardness, temperature and texture are still far behind those of metals. Magnesium alloy, as a new metal raw material, gives people a feeling of high-tech products.

The corrosion resistance of most magnesium alloy for sale is 8 times that of carbon steel, 4 times that of aluminum alloy and more than 10 times that of plastic, and its corrosion resistance is the best among alloys. Commonly used magnesium alloys are non-combustible, especially used in automobile and locomotive parts and building materials, which can avoid instantaneous combustion.

The reserves of magnesium in the earth's crust rank eighth and most magnesium raw materials are extracted from seawater, so its resources are stable and sufficient.

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