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Development Prospects and Countermeasures Suggestions for Magnesium Alloy Materials

Development Prospects and Countermeasures Suggestions for Magnesium Alloy Materials

Development Goals and Strategies for China's Advanced Magnesium Alloy Materials Industry

Development Goals for Advanced Magnesium Alloy Industry

By 2030, China's advanced magnesium alloy materials industry will establish a sound innovative and application system for sustainable development, and achieve large-scale and high degree of automation in R&D, production and application, reaching the world's advanced level in some related technologies or products. Most of the high-end magnesium alloy materials urgently needed in China will no longer rely on imports, achieving self-sufficiency; the super-high-performance magnesium alloy materials at the forefront will achieve external technology output and support, helping to enhance the overall level of the global magnesium alloy industry. The research and development capacity of lightweight materials for equipment and the high-performance low-cost machining capability of complex and precise magnesium alloys will be improved. The domestication rate of magnesium alloy materials used in major national projects will reach 99%, promoting energy conservation by more than 30% and emissions reduction by more than 40% in the transportation sector.

By 2035, China's high-end magnesium alloy materials industry will lead the world in R&D, production and application, achieving large-scale, intelligent, and green manufacturing, playing a leading role in the global magnesium alloy industry. Next-generation high-strength, tough large-scale integral structural component design and related equipment will be realized. The domestication rate of high-performance magnesium alloy materials used in major national projects will reach 100%, promoting energy conservation by more than 40% and emissions reduction by more than 50% in the transportation sector.

Industry Development Strategies

  • Enhancing independent innovation capabilities, optimizing the industrial chain, and promoting industrial application

Focusing on the core technology of advanced high-performance magnesium alloy materials, efforts are made to enhance independent innovation capabilities. By optimizing the organizational implementation methods, support is provided for the industrialization of magnesium alloy materials urgently needed for national major projects, and a batch of magnesium alloy materials are promoted for industrialization and large-scale application. The establishment of a complementary mechanism for upstream and downstream advantages in the industrial chain shortens the cycle of research and development, industrialization, and large-scale application. This promotes magnesium alloy material enterprises including magnesium metal ingot manufacturer to strengthen technological innovation, support a group of young and middle-aged innovative backbone researchers with a good research foundation to engage in original research, form a sustainable innovative capability, and further enhance China's magnesium alloy material industry's innovation capability. This achieves a strategic transformation of China from a material power to a material-strong country, comprehensively meeting the demand for magnesium alloy materials in the national economy, national major projects, and sustainable social development.

  • Strengthening top-level planning, optimizing resource allocation, and cultivating advantageous products

At the top-level design level, the national investment in the basic research of high-performance magnesium alloy materials is strengthened. Attention is paid to advanced magnesium alloy material core technology that is in line with world-class manufacturing. Efforts are made to break through the engineering problems in the development of the magnesium alloy material industry and improve the basic support capability of magnesium alloy materials. Accelerating the improvement of policies and regulations that are conducive to promoting the development of the magnesium alloy material industry, developing a guidance catalog and investment guide for the development of the magnesium alloy material industry, establishing a relevant technical standard system, and improving the industrial chain, innovation chain, and capital chain. Following the principle of "who invests, who is responsible," the supervision of the return on investment of state-owned capital is strengthened. The focus is on supporting key industries to prevent "investment fragmentation" and concentrate efforts to cultivate and shape China's well-known magnesium alloy material products. At the same time, while focusing on the government's guidance role in the development of the advanced magnesium alloy material industry, efforts are made to create a market environment for magnesium alloy material-related enterprises to operate independently and compete fairly. Enterprises are the main investment and application entities, and the combination of production, learning, research, and use is strengthened. The construction of a risk protection system is improved to fully play the fundamental role of the market in resource allocation efficiency and fairness.

  • Strengthening enterprise cooperation and expanding application areas

Through multi-regional integration and funding cooperation, efforts are made to strengthen cooperation between excellent enterprises and help form a well-known enterprise group with certain influence in the world. At the same time, actively responding to the process of China's industrialization reform, attention is paid to expanding the application areas of magnesium alloy materials, and expanding the consumer market for magnesium alloy materials in the material industry. At the same time, guiding enterprises including magnesium alloy manufacturer like us to adjust the industrial structure and upgrade and transform, improve product quality and expand production scale, strive to be in line with the world's advanced manufacturing level, and quickly help China's magnesium alloy materials occupy a place in the world's cutting-edge manufacturing field.

  • Strengthening the construction of "production-learning-research" and building a complete magnesium alloy material research system

In terms of "industry-university-research" construction, emphasis should be placed on the independent development and application of magnesium alloy materials for the preparation and detection of high-end equipment, in order to reduce dependence on imported equipment and promote the rapid, efficient, and intelligent manufacturing process of magnesium alloy enterprises. A comprehensive magnesium alloy material research system should be established, integrating design, performance, and evaluation to accelerate the research and development process. Based on the end of the magnesium alloy industry, a sound material big data system should be constructed to promote the formation of an applied research system that is equivalent to the world's advanced level. At the same time, an independent intellectual property system related to the entire magnesium alloy industry, which is adapted to the domestic situation but also in line with international standards, should be constructed, integrating intellectual property protection, innovative extension, and application, and carrying out related scientific research results in adaptive production activities in enterprises to comprehensively promote the high-level development of the magnesium alloy materials industry.

  • Implement innovation talent development strategy, improve platform construction, and strengthen talent team

In terms of talent and platform construction, we should implement an innovative talent development strategy, continuously increase the cultivation of innovative talents in the field of magnesium alloy materials, increase research and development investment, formulate policies for scientific research personnel incentives, and focus on supporting a group of middle-aged and young innovative backbones with good research foundations to engage in original research and develop sustained innovative capabilities. Support enterprises to strengthen their innovative capacity-building, establish appropriate talent development and compensation systems, and attract domestic and foreign talents for exchanges and employment. At the same time, provide policy convenience for international exchanges of magnesium alloy-related enterprises, promote international cooperation, management, and technical exchanges between enterprises, and increase the integration of magnesium alloy enterprises with the world's advanced manufacturing. Actively build an innovative platform for "industry-university-research", based on the relevant industry of enterprises, gather high-end innovative talents such as academicians and technology innovation leaders in the field, give full play to their leading role, closely integrate innovative talents with industries, form a good innovation model, and build a sustainable research team.

Countermeasure Suggestions

Emphasis should be placed on the construction of research systems

Increase the planning intensity of the magnesium alloy materials industry, closely follow the needs of the national material industry strategic layout, and construct a research system that is in line with China's national conditions. Give priority attention to core technologies in the R&D stage, especially advanced magnesium alloy materials that are in line with the world's advanced manufacturing, and provide policy tilt and support in research and development plans and processes. At the same time, fully utilize the advantages of big data to construct a magnesium alloy material R&D system that integrates design, preparation, performance testing, and evaluation, which is closely linked to the world's advanced manufacturing standards, to comprehensively enhance the domestic high-end magnesium alloy material R&D process.

Optimize the industrial development pattern

Relying on experts and scholars from domestic and foreign universities and scientific research institutes to carry out consultations, construct a healthy and green development pattern that integrates research and development, production, and application. Give full play to the autonomous regulation function of the consumer market, allocate resources rationally, and provide sufficient financial support to key research and development enterprises while also providing certain support to start-up research and development enterprises with potential to form a shared progress and growth pattern for industrial development.

Build a high-quality and efficient industry

In accordance with national strategic needs, we must further enhance the close relationship between scientific research results and enterprise production, promote enterprise upgrading and transformation towards high-quality, high-capacity, intelligent, green, and low-cost development. At the same time, we should focus on the research and development of process technology for high-end performance magnesium alloy materials, and help the production of high-end performance magnesium alloys to be aligned with international high-end production levels as soon as possible. Additionally, the production capacity of advanced magnesium alloy materials industry should not only meet domestic demand but also achieve exports, establishing China's own high-performance magnesium alloy product brand globally. It is also important to recognize magnesium scrap value.

Improve supporting policy system

Regarding investment, the government should increase its support for enterprises engaged in industrial pilot upgrading and high-end performance magnesium alloy material production. In addition, there should be policy incentives and approval procedures that favor enterprises applying for pilot production and related preferential policies, gradually building and improving a supporting policy system between the government and enterprises, reducing the investment pressure and risk for enterprises and enhancing their innovation and production enthusiasm, fully realizing the investment value of funds.

Build a sophisticated talent system

To align with the international frontier of high-end performance magnesium alloy material research and development, the principle of "going out, bringing in, and meeting the demand" should be implemented to carry out strategic measures for talent introduction and development, building a sophisticated talent system for high-end performance magnesium alloy-related industries. The training and support of young innovative teams should be intensified, encouraging them to learn and communicate with experienced domestic and foreign experts and scholars. Furthermore, policy incentives and salary support should be provided for foreign top talent introduction, encouraging them to come to China for technical exchanges and services. Enterprises can establish standardized and efficient talent management systems to cultivate talent teams that are suitable for enterprise production and highly autonomous innovation. Finally, strengthening the connection between enterprises and relevant experts and scholars from scientific research institutions, forming a sophisticated talent reserve team corresponding to enterprises, can assist in enterprise talent system construction.

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